Paid Sick Leave: State Law Overview
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Paid Sick Leave: State Law Overview

Paid Sick Leave: State Law Overview

As a growing trend, states across the country are continuing to enact their own paid sick leave laws. Currently eight states and the District of Columbia have in acted state wide laws that require employers to provide paid sick leave benefits to employees. Employers that are subject to these laws may face compliance challenges as they update their existing leave policies for the new requirements.

Employers must also be aware that numerous cities and counties across the country have enacted local ordinances that mandate paid sick leave. For example: New York City, Cook County, Illinois (which includes Chicago), and Montgomery County, Maryland, all have in acted local paid sick leave ordinances. Employers must generally comply with both; the state-wide paid sick leave law and local ordinances if applicable.

Each of the state laws has its own rules for covered employers, qualifying reasons for leave an amount of paid leave. A compliance overview will show a chart that provides a high-level overview of current state paid leave laws. To see this chart, or discuss company compliance, call our office at 1-800-724-0221.

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