Synergy Benefits is an Atlanta based brokerage firm providing unique solutions, benefits administration, and risk management to companies across the US. Synergy Benefits focuses on strategies to reduce the cost of Human Capital. Let our Experts show you how.
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Are you in compliance?

We often find employers are burdened with understanding, keeping track of, and ultimately complying with the massive amount of regulation surrounding health and welfare benefit plans. 

At Synergy we dedicate a team and multiple outside resources to ensure our clients stay in compliance with:

  • 5500 Filings
  • Medicare Part D
  • FMLA
  • ACA regulations
  • Training modules

If those acronyms aren’t confusing enough we also provide assistance for DOL and DOI audits as it relates to your benefit plans. 

Synergy provides our valued clients with additional resources, tools, compliance bulletins, newsletters, and legislative updates. 

We recognize that the penalties associated with not complying to state and federal laws are too expensive and very real in today’s environment.