Our Story
Synergy Benefits is an Atlanta based brokerage firm providing unique solutions, benefits administration, and risk management to companies across the US. Synergy Benefits focuses on strategies to reduce the cost of Human Capital. Let our Experts show you how.
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Our Story

Learn about our history and work


Synergy Benefits was founded twenty years ago with a primary goal in mind: to offer a proactive solution in a largely reactive industry.   It was a time when CFO’s were left in the dark regarding cost exposure or projections related to their group medical plans. The process for onboarding employees was clunky and archaic. Proper forecasting was nearly impossible and identifying plan cost drivers was non-existent. Synergy saw the need for a relationship-based consulting firm that offered the transparency, experience, and developing strategies to support the goals and growth of these companies.

While the industry has certainly changed over the past 20 years, Synergy’s approach has remained consistent. With the Affordable Care Act adding additional compliance layers and reporting requirements, it is more important now than ever to draw on the support of a trusted benefits firm.

  • We invite our clients into critical analyses of their exposure and risk.
  • We work closely with HR teams to create efficiencies for plan management, education and engagement through ever improving technologies.
  • We want to empower employees and their dependents to be better consumers of healthcare.
  • We will do what is best for our clients since we are privately held not what is best for our shareholder’s or stock price like many of our competitors.

At Synergy, our mission is to bring strategic, creative solutions to our clients that best support their business and bottom line. We believe this partnership will give our clients the confidence they need to look toward the future and achieve their greatest success.