Cut Healthcare Costs with These Five Strategies
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Cut Healthcare Costs with These Five Strategies

We know that corporate healthcare costs are a big expense to any corporation’s bottom line. There are several ways that people can save on an individual level, with their healthcare expenses. Here are five tips to save on healthcare costs, doctor bills and prescription drugs.

 1. Use In-Network Healthcare Providers.

Make sure that you call and verify to check that your doctor or specialist is in your health care-network before you go to a new doctor’s appointment. Your in-network provider list is a pre-approved list of physicians that your health care network has already established. Your insurance company will provide services for their plan members at pre-negotiated rates. If you visit an in-network provider you should receive care at a reduced cost.

2. Ask Specific Medical Questions.

When you visit the doctor, you should take the time to write out any questions you have before you get there, to make the most of your time. Asking your Doctor questions about your treatment plan will help you determine what is best for you. Some specific questions to ask are: Why is this medical treatment needed? What are the costs of the treatment? Are there any other treatment options that are effective but less expensive? If you don’t ask what your options are, your doctor may assume you are happy with the first (or only) option he offered. It always helps to ask for alternative treatment options.

3. Compare Prescription Drug Costs.

Here is a tip that you should use forever, when filling prescription medications: shop around. It truly does save you money if you call and compare before you fill the prescription just anywhere. Another way, is to ask your doctor about generic drugs or over the counter medications that can be as effective as brand name prescriptions. You can also investigate discount prescription programs such as mail order companies that can save you money on long term prescriptions. A simple price comparison on prescriptions can save you money on the expensive brand names in drugs.

4. Take Advantage Of Wellness Visits.

In many health care plans, you have wellness visits covered. Use your preventive care services like physical exams, screenings and immunizations. When you combine these with a healthy lifestyle, savings can be found! Practicing prevention includes a healthy lifestyle, exercise, diet and preventive care.

5. Cost Compare Before You Renew Your Healthcare Policy

Take control and shop for healthcare savings when it comes to your healthcare insurance. Ask for price comparisons from your health insurance agent. At the doctor, be sure to ask questions, read physician reviews, and read your medical bills carefully. You want to get the best value for your healthcare dollars, so it requires follow up and diligence.

We are here to help you every step of the way. Call us for your group healthcare insurance needs and healthcare policy questions.

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